Exciting celebrity line-up at the National Undergraduate Diabetes Conference!

15 Jul 2021

The Aberdeen University Endocrinology Society are hosting their first virtual National Undergraduate Diabetes Conference to celebrate the centenary of the discovery of insulin.

The event will take place online on 28 August 2021 and will feature talks from leading clinicians and academics from the UK providing insights into the history of diabetes, its relationship with COVID-19, and the latest research. World famous public figures, including Theresa May and Muhammad Ali, will also share their experiences of living with diabetes whilst working in demanding careers.

Undergraduate students can submit an abstract for an opportunity to present their work at the conference and win prizes. Deadline for abstract submissions in 18 July.

Register and submit your abstract.

This event was funded by a Society for Endocrinology Undergraduate Achievement Award and is a fantastic example of what the grant money can be used for. We have £300 available per year for teaching departments to award to outstanding undergraduate students who are excelling in an endocrine-related subject, to encourage excellence. We are thrilled to see such an exciting event made possible due to this award.

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