Subacute thyroiditis after COVID-19 vaccination

03 Jun 2021

The Society's Clinical Committee request your help to gather data on the occurrence of subacute thyroiditis after COVID-19 vaccination.

Dr William Bennet and colleagues in Sheffield have had a case of subacute thyroiditis develop shortly after viral vector DNA COVID-19 vaccination (Oxford-AZ), and there is a literature report of it occurring following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination. They want to find out your experience of this, to determine if this is a relatively common occurrence that endocrinologists must remain vigilant for.

Submit your responses to the questions below to by Friday 18 June
  1. Have you seen a case of subacute thyroiditis which developed within 28 days of COVID-19 vaccination? If yes, how many cases?
  2. Which vaccine was used? Oxford–AstraZeneca/Pfizer/BioNTech/Moderna/Other
  3. Did thyroiditis occur after the first or second dose:
  4. How many days after vaccination did it develop:
  5. TFT results, if available:
  6. ESR and/or CRP:
  7. Immunology TRAb or TPO Antibody results:
  8. Ultrasound results:
  9. Have you submitted a Yellow Card Scheme report?

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