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Bisphenol exposure linked to lower T3 levels in women

According to a study published in Toxics, exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals is associated with reductions in levels of free triiodothyronine and total T3 in reproductive-aged women. The study recommends further research.


Thyroid nodules in adults associated with diabetes diagnosis

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine Research, almost one quarter of adults with thyroid nodular disease were also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Researchers also found that low levels of free T3 was a predictor for diabetes in patients with thyroid nodules.


Modifiable risk factors identified for patients with chronic pancreatitis at risk of diabetes

Research into individual risk factors which could help clinicians prevent the development of type 2 diabetes in patients with chronic pancreatitis has been published into Diabetes Care, obesity and smoking are noted as modifiable factors.


Prepubertal patients with thyroid carcinoma more likely to present with advanced disease

Patients aged below 11 years old present with more advanced papillary thyroid carcinoma at time of diagnosis than adolescents, with a higher likelihood of developing tumours, according to an American study published in Thyroid.


Withdrawal of antithyroid drugs in pregnancy may cause rebound hyperthyroidism

Research published in Thyroid indicates that stopping antithyroid medication during pregnancy increases the risk of hyperthyroidism rebound by 60%.


Higher risk of dementia for patients suffering from hypothyroidism

A study in Neurology found that older people living with hypothyroidism, especially those taking hormone replacement therapy, may be more likely to develop dementia.