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New cardiovascular disease drug approved for use in UK

Following clinical trials showing high effectiveness for inclisiran in treating heart disease, it has now been approved for use by NHS England. The twice yearly injection targets high cholesterol through RNA interference and is expected to prevent early deaths from heart disease and stroke.


Melatonin may improve insulin resistance

According to a Danish study, published in Clinical Endocrinology, the use of melatonin to help sleep is not only safe for people with metabolic diseases but may even have a beneficial effect on BMI and insulin sensitivity.


Portugal prohibits unhealthy food from schools

The Portuguese government has banned the sale or consumption of unhealthy food in public schools, to help tackle childhood obesity.

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Complex communication mechanism between brain and fat tissue identified

New research, published in Nature, points to a complex brain-fat communication circuit that involves immune cells in visceral fat and may help advance our understanding of the links between obesity and chronic inflammation or cancer risk.


Slowing metabolism in middle age is a myth

According to a study, published in Science, our metabolic rate peaks at first year then remains stable until around 60 years, when decline begins. The study was conducted across 29 countries with 6,400 participants and has generated some unexpected findings.

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How does menstruation affect female athletic performance?

The English Institute of Sport is launching a study to investigate how hormonal fluctuations during menstruation affect the athletic performance of female athletes, with a view to tailoring training and nutrition to minimise any adverse effects.