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International retailer introduces paid leave for menopause

Online fashion retailer, ASOS, has introduced new policies to support employees going through health-related life events, including flexible and paid leave for menopause, pregnancy loss, fertility treatment, cancer treatment and gender reassignment surgery.


New method expands polygenic embryo screening

A study, published in eLife, assesses the probability of embryos inheriting numerous diseases. This new method enables parents to screen embryos for genetic risk factors of several conditions including cancers, diabetes, heart disease and psychiatric disorders.

Medical Xpress

New guidelines for hypo- and hyperparathyroidism treatment

The guidelines will be published as several articles in two issues of the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research in 2022. The guidance is the product of a large, international collaboration involving over 100 experts and cover diagnosis, evaluation and management of hypoparathyroidism and hyperparathyroidism.


A diet high in dairy fat reduces the risk of heart disease

A large, international collaboration, based on Swedish data and published in PLOS Medicine, reports that eating full-fat dairy products is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.


Thyroid function may be impaired by COVID-19 treatment

According to data published in Frontiers in Endocrinology and presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Thyroid Association, COVID-19 patients treated with interferon beta-1b show increased levels of anti-thyroid antibodies.


Ketones may improve cerebral blood flow in obesity

According to a Canadian study, published in theĀ Journal of Physiology, ketone supplementation may improve brain blood flow in people with obesity and protect their cognitive function.

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Phthalate exposure linked to premature deaths in the USA

A new study, published in Environmental Pollution, indicates that exposure to phthalates may be causing many more early deaths of older adults than previously thought.

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PCOS increases the risk of contracting COVID-19

The findings of a large UK study, published in the European Journal of Endocrinology, reveal that women with PCOS are 52% more likely to be infected with COVID-19.

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