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Increased risk of stroke for women suffering fertility problems

Fertility problems in women may increase the risk of stroke.

Link between obesity and size of testes may impact fertility

Research presented at ENDO 2022 suggests that fertility issues may stem from overweight boys developing smaller testes than normal-weight peers. Findings also suggest a link between lower testicular volume and hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance.


Increased mortality risk remains after Cushing’s disease treatment

Despite successful treatment for Cushing’s disease, patients still have an increased mortality rate, according to a Swedish study published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society.


Gender gap persists for author credit in science

According to a new report, published in Nature, female scientists are still less likely to be given appropriate authorship credits, even in more female dominated fields such as healthcare.


Subtypes of PCOS identified in adolescents

Two subtypes of PCOS have been identified in adolescent girls. According to the research, presented at ENDO 2022, these subtypes correlate with the metabolic and reproductive subtypes previously identified in adults.


Vitamin D deficiency linked to increased dementia risk

A large-scale analysis of UK Biobank data, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has identified a correlation between lower vitamin D levels and lower brain volume, with an increased risk of dementia and stroke.

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